A few words about the source code.
Some functions have comments sections and some do not. The reason being that some functions were written prior to the implementation of UML.
If you require additional code snippets, or would like an example demonstrating a specific discipline, you can E-Mail me at rerhart@rochester.rr.com or you can page me your request by clicking on this pager
SingleQuote.asp Pad a string with single quotes
Block2Hour.asp Convert string to Block Hour
ADOGetUserInfo.asp Use ADO to query a user info table for personal information about the targeted user. If the user is not in the database, then re query for the visitor user, which will set the application in vistor mode, and set the tabs access rights. This function is used by the the web page that you are viewing to create and control the nav tabs on the top of the page, by setting access writes.
ADOGetTabInfo.asp This function is a hybrid function that creates the nav tabs on the top of the page you are viewing. All tabs and their settings are stored in an database table, and along with the user privilage settings will allow the user to click on the tab , or in the event that the access privilage of the user is too low, then will simply shadow the tab. This is a hybrid function in that the asp code has embedded html.
DB2FormPopulators.asp Some functions that populate forms from database tables.
JobListing.asp This function will query the database for records specified by constraint and will list the records with ado paging
AdoGetQuestions.asp This function will query that database for information that specifies what html form field type should be dynamically created. This function is used by the xyz survey demo.
JsClientFormAudit.asp Called as a child function by the AdoGetQuestions function this function will dynamically create a JavaScript client side form auditing block. As with the AdoGetQuestions function the details of how the form is to be audited is stored in the database.
Timer.asp Page Timer
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